Monday, August 27, 2007

Mobile Blogging 2007

In the year or so since I did the end to end ride, it's become considerably easier to add blog entries that contain pictures. Last year, couldn't accept pictures in entries sent to it by e-mail. As a result, it was necessary to e-mail blog entries first to Flickr, and then arrange for them to be sent on to blogger. Flickr held the pictures and inserted the appropriate HTML into the entries sent to blogger. This year, pictures in e-mails are accepted by blogger, so using Flickr is unnecessary. Unfortunately, GMail, which I'm using as my e-mail service, doesn't interpret HTML inline in e-mails correctly. So, it's not possible to add links to mail this year. Oh well, at least the process is simpler.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

South Coast Ride Route

Here is the route for next month's 'side to side' ride. Oficially, we're calling it the South Coast Ride. For the first couple of days it follows one of the standard LE-JOG routes from Land's End and across Dartmoor to Moretonhampstead. After that it runs further south, staying reasonably close to the coast as far as Poole. It crosses to the Isle of Wight (Lymington to Yarmouth) on day 6 and returns to the mainland (Fishbourne to Portsmouth) on day 7. The last three days again follow as close to the coast as practically possible. In the following table, you can click the name of each sector to see a map of that day's actual track. The routes are all posted at A low resolution summary route is also available.
Date Sector Distance Total
2-Sep Land's End to St Blazey 59.8 59.8
3-Sep St Blazey to Moretonhampstead 54.5 114.3
4-Sep Moretonhampstead to Bridport 58.9 173.1
5-Sep Bridport to Bournemouth 72.8 245.9
6-Sep Bournemouth to Lymington and
Yarmouth to Wroxall 46.7 292.6
7-Sep Wroxall to Bognor Regis 52.5 345.1
8-Sep Bognor Regis to Eastbourne 57.0 402.1
9-Sep Eastbourne to New Romney 55.2 457.3
10-Sep New Romney to North Foreland 53.6 510.9
11-Sep Around North Foreland 9.9 520.9

There are small discrepancies between the distances reported in the tracks in and in this table. I used the data from my bike's computer for the table. The distances at are from the GPS tracks. These are usually within about 0.5% of one another. Where the difference is greater, it is due to us having meandered around a town or city looking for specific shops. I removed the meanders from the tracks themselves.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Dawes Ultra Galaxy

This is the bike on which I'll be riding the Side to Side ride next month.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Side To Side

It's time to do another major ride. After over a year of small trips and longer day trips, Andrew, my eldest son, and I are about to embark on a journey along the south coast. As my previous ride was a true 'End to End', it seems appropriate to call this new one a 'Side to Side'. We're starting at Land's End and ending at North Foreland, well known to shipping forecast lovers everywhere! It's actually at the South East tip of the Thames Estuary. The ride is about 480 miles in length and will take about 9 days. That's an average of about 53 miles per day.

As this ride was Andrew's brainchild, it's only fair that he gets to choose the charity involved. This time we're raising money for Cancer Research UK. Andrew has set up a site for donations at

Pedaling starts in earnest on September 2nd. Before then there are final preparations to make and some new kit to describe. More soon.