Saturday, April 29, 2006

Preparing for the Randonnee

Preparing for the Randonnee
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Today I've been making the final preparations for tomorrow's Isle of Wight Randonnee. I've fitted the roofrack and cycle carrier to the car, and tested that I can drive around without the bike falling off. The picture shows what it looks like.

I've finally found a front light that is small enough to fit the remaining space on my handle bars. It's a Cat Eye unit that uses white LEDs rather than a bulb.

The final modification is to the bike's stand. I've been using one that attaches near the rear wheel. These are particularly good when you are using rear panniers and don't have much weight at the front. But with the extra weight of the map table and the front panniers, it was becoming increasingly unstable. Just removing a water bottle could be enough to tip the whole thing over! So, I've replaced it with a neat unit from Halfords, that clamps just behind the bottom bracket. It's much better balanced when the bike is loaded.

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