Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And Finally

In the end, I covered 521 miles while Andrew covered 525. The difference was due to us having different overnight stops on day 4.

It was a great trip with excellent weather and superb scenery. Kudos to Andrew for having the original idea and for choosing to go via the Isle of Wight.

Days 2 (Dartmoor) and 3 (Dorset Coast) were the toughest. The closer we got to the end of trip the easier became the terrain. We appreciated that!

The distances were comfortable for each day's ride. We didn't ever feel rushed.

For me, the scenery in the western half of the ride was the best. The eastern half was an area I've not visited much. I know a lot more about it now. Seeing the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway in steam was a bonus. Oh, and I've now seen nuclear power stations at both ends of the country. Last year it was Dooneray, on the north coast of Scotland and this year, Dungeness.

Thanks to every one who sponsored us. We should raise around 250 pounds for Cancer Research UK as a result of the ride.

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