Monday, September 03, 2007

Sept 3rd - Over tbe top: St Blazey to Moretonhampstead

Today's route

Before embarking on Today's saga, I need to confess. Yesterday, the shower at the B&B in Par blew up while I was in it! Some people shouldn't be allowed anywhere near technology!

Today was the big one. We went from Par to Moretonhampstead over Dartmoor. Now while most people know that moors are high and that crossing them usually involves lots of climbing, it's less well known that even getting to Tavistock, the start of the moor in the direction we were traveling, also involves lots of long, steep climbs.

Even as we left Par we were immediately confronted with a mile long steep climb. Climbs and descents followed in succession until we finally crossed the Tamar at Gunnislake. Devon at last! And another climb of course!

From Tavistock the route climbs relentlessly to Princeton and the foreboding shape of Dartmoor prison. On we went to the village of Two Bridges and the start of yet more climbs through moorland until we crossed the final crest and plunged down into Moretonhampstead. Our average speed for the day was less than 10 mph, but under the circumstances it felt like a triumph. Now where's the pub?

Today's picture is the view looking east into Devon from high on Dartmoor.

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