Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sept 11th - The Final Mile

We were literally only a couple of miles from our final destination last night. Today we had a couple of hours to kill until we were picked up. We first headed to the North Foreland headland itself. It's very different from Land's End's rather tacky 'attractions'. On top of the 20 metre chalk cliff is a group of large and expensive-looking houses. Behind these and slightly further up the hill, is the lighthouse. We took sets of photographs to show that we had made it to our goal. Then we headed off along the north coast towards Margate.

There was a brisk northerly wind blowing and the rough sea was crashing into the sea wall all along the coast. We could see why the area is frequently described as 'bracing'. Finally, we turned back towards North Foreland to meet up with our lift home. We arrived at the appointed car park just as Angela arrived to pick us up!

And that was that. We had finished.

Today's picture is of the headland at North Foreland, taken from the south.

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