Friday, June 02, 2006

Day 23 June 2nd Broadford

Day 23 June 2nd Broadford Originally uploaded by rhesus42.
Today's Track Today's picture is a view across Loch Slapin. Once I'd heard the forecast for today, and the promise of westerly winds, a revised route seemed possible. Rather than the plan to visit Fiskavaig on the way to Broadford, it seemed possible to reach Elgol. I left Glendale intent on reaching Broadford by mid afternoon. For a change, the wind was favourable, even helping the steep climb out of Glendale. The route back to Dunvegan was relatively easy. Once on the A863 I made good time to Drynoch. The westerly wind made the ride through Glen Drynoch very fast and easy and helped with the section along the side of Loch Sligachan. Since this was a section I had previously ridden in the opposite direction, I took the opportunity to use the coast road around Luib na Moil. It is very picturesque and offered views over Rasay and Loch Ainort. I got back to Broadford in time for a spot of early tea and a beer, before checking in at the B&B. I left unnecessary luggage there before setting off to ride to Elgol. This was a 30 mile round trip and took three and a half hours. There are lots of steep climbs and on the way out, most of the route was into wind. Low cloud covering the peaks tended to spoil some of the views but the ride did give a number of photo opportunities, especially around Loch Slapin.

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