Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 26 June 5th Camusnagaul

Day 26 June 5th Camusnagaul
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Today's Track

Today's picture is a view across Little Gruinard on the edge of Gruinard bay.

I set off quite late for today's ride. That was as a result of a photographic session with the birds of prey in Kinlochewe.

The first section along the A832 from Kinlochewe to Slattadale was pretty fast. The gradients were easy as the route follows the edge of Loch Maree around the north side of Beinn Eighe. From Slattadale to Gairloch there are some more challenging gradients but still nothing to taxing. The weather continued to improve and there were lots of opportunities for photos. The only drawback was having to share some of the lookout points with a group of very excitable Spanish on a coach tour.

From Gairloch the route climbed steadily over a pass before descending into Poolewe.

However, it was the last section of the day from Poolewe around the southern side of Gruinard bay that proved the most taxing. There were lots of steep climbs and a final long climb up to Badcaul. There were also lots of spectacular views. The sun made a rare appearance during the afternoon so some photos even show blue skies. In the evening, there was a fantastic sunset over Loch Maree. Maybe summer has finally arrived up here too.

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DaveM said...

Coming to the end now, I would be interested to know how you feel once you get to John O ' Groats. I thought Tongue was fantastic but then we approached it from a different way to you. All the best