Monday, June 05, 2006

West Highland Hawking

West Highland Hawking
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I've promised to give details of everywhere I've stayed once the trip is complete. However, there was something so extrordinary about last night's stop in Kinlochewe that I thought I'd add an entry about it.

It's not every day that you arrive at a B&B to be confronted with pictures of eagles and a warning to keep your speed down. The reason is that Lilah and David Ford have an impressive collection of birds of prey at their home. They operate West Highland Hawking. Their collection includes owls as well as hawks and an eagle. David was kind enough to let me take some photos of the birds this morning before leaving for Camusnagaul. It was an extrordinary experience to find the birds on their perches in the garden when I arrived last night. The photo for this post is of one of David's owls that has a tendency to react when people get too close. Close is exactly what you have to get with a mobile phone camera because of the wide angle lens.

David and Lilah run courses and related activities that allow people to fly their birds.

West Highland Hawking can be contacted at hillhaven at kinlochewe dot info. I've written the address like this to try and help avoid spam. Replace the at with the appropriate sign and dot with a full stop.

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