Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 25 June 4th Kinlochewe

Day 25 June 4th Kinlochewe Originally uploaded by rhesus42.
Today's Track Today's picture is a view of the hills of Applecross Forest from Applecross bay. After yesterday's epic climb over to Applecross, I was hoping that today's ride would be a little less challenging. Although it did not achieve yesterday's dizzy heights, there were actually lots of climbs and descents, particularly on the section from Applecross to Sheildaig. The first part of this section runs north giving lots of views over the islands of Skye, Rasay and Iona. I took quite a lot of photos today, which slowed progress. Once past the northerly tip at Fearnsay, the hills around Loch Torridon come into view. More photography ensued along the entire section from Fearnmore to Torridon at the head of the loch. I had intended to make a side trip along the north side of the loch during today's ride. In the event as time was moving on and the views to the south were not as interesting as those to the north, I abandoned that idea and headed straigh for Kinlochewe. In the event, the section along Glen Torridon and around the base of Beinn Eigh has only very slight gradients. With a slight following wind it was very easy. I had time to get provisions for tomorrow and to do a little routing maintenance before checking in to the B&B. The folks here run a bird of prey centre as well and have birds on site.

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