Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 14 May 24th Oban

Day 14 May 24th Oban
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Today's Track You'll see that I had a small problem with equipment today and the first few miles of track were not recorded.

Today's picture is a view over Achnacree bay not far from Oban during one of the few bright spells.

Today actually turned out to be the nighmare I'd been fearing for a few days. The weather forecast was spot on again. Torrential rain, strong headwinds and more hail made this a ride of almost unrelenting misery. For quite a time today, I was not really sure whether I'd be able to make it all the way to Oban or not. Progress was very slow once I turned into the very strong winds. The terrain was never difficult, and in more favourable conditions, with the magnificent scenary of the glens, this could have been a stunning day. As it was the high point was finding the guest house in Oban.

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DaveM said...

A strong head wind and rain , the worse conditions for cycling. It can be soul destroying, and 71 miles in these conditions is good going. They say you get wetter on a bike than walking.