Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How small is my country?

I've been thinking, over the last couple of days, about just how small England is. After all, even at my rather leisurely pace, I'll be traversing the entire country in just over a week. Today, I crossed the entire county of Worcestershire in a matter of a few hours. For me, as a cynical, grumpy old fifty-something, it makes the airs and graces assumed by our hapless senior politicians even more absurd. Here near Ironbridge and the cradle of the Industrial Revolution it seems appropriate to be reminded of just what effect the technologies created in the United Kingdom have had upon the world. Things move on, of course, The raw materials for success in today's world are owned by other nations. We seem destined to play a smaller and smaller global role in the future. Frankly, given some of the foreign policy decisions of our politicians over the last few years, that should be viewed as good news for everyone.

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DaveM said...

When we did the ride we spent nearly 6 days riding in Scotland whaich as you say puts the size of England into perspective. Wait till you cycle the length of France.

When you write up the daily blog do you have a planned destination for the next day? or do you stop off when youre ready.