Saturday, May 13, 2006

May 12th Day 2 Dartmoor

Today's track is at I discovered two things today. First, eveyone is right about how hard the climb over Dartmoor is. Second, there is virtually no mobile phone signal in Moretonhampstead, my overnight stop. Hence the delay in posting this entry Also, no picture today as I've had trouble uploading to flickr. Riding today was every bit as hard as yesterday. I'd managed to pick a route with some very steep climbs even before getting to Tavistockand the start of the Dartmoor section. The climb up onto the moor is steep and unrelenting. Once past Princetown, with the enormous North Hesary Tor transmitter and the brooding Dartmoor prison, things were a little easier. There were a few light rain showers during the day, and there was thunder in the distance, but thankfully not where I was.


DaveM said...

The climb out of Tavistock is a sod. Are you going through Cheddar, as there is another steep one there. Once you have cleared these its a good ride all the way up to Chester.

Do you have a published route that we can follow? What about on line sponsorship?

All the best

Rhys Lewis said...

Dave, I'm trying to do this from amobile phone,so it might not work. If you look back to early postings in this blog you'll see the entire route and information about the charities. The charities are also linked from the links section ofthe blog.l