Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 21 May 31st Uig

Day 21 May 31st Uig Originally uploaded by rhesus42.
There is no track for today. Once again, though it was recording fine during the day, by the time I reached my destination, the Dell had switched off and the track was lost. Today started out really well. It was bright and dry and the wind had dropped to virtually nothing. It was a real pleasure not to be riding into a strong headwind. The route left Broadford to the west and heading up Loch Ainort, I met up with Luc for a few miles until his route took him towards Dunvegan and mine was to Portree. Today's picture is a view across Loch Ainort. I made good time to Portree. The road is one of the main ones on Skye and is busy but the gradients are easy and the light winds made progress fast. Rather than taking the direct route to Uig I took the A855 north from Portree following the east coast and then looping over the northerly tip back down to Uig. The road is a good deal quieter and more remeniscent of those on Mull. Quite a lot of it is single track with passing places. Again I made good progress. The scenary is spectacular with views over the islands and the mainland on one side and hills and mountains on the other. Just south of Staffin at the Kilt rock view point, and after taking photos of the cliffs and a waterfall, I succombed and bought my first ice cream of the trip. Well, the first in a cone anyway. Of course, I should have known this was a bad idea. Within half an hour it had started raining and a strong south westerly wind sprang up. Of course, that meant that, once again, I had to content with a strong headwind for the last three hours of the ride, which also included several big climbs. I was really glad to make it to the B&B and to get under cover.

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DaveM said...

Looking at the forecasts it looks as if the weather could be improving. Scotlands a beautiful place so here's to some sunshine.