Thursday, May 11, 2006

May 11th: Day 1

May 11th: Day 1
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Thursday dawned foggy at Land's End. Thick blowing mist, remeniscent of San Francisco persisted for much of the morning. We had the obligatory enourmous full English breakfast, then headed for the startf. Despite the negative effect of the fog on photographs, I posed for the mandatory shots in front of the famous sign post. Then it was off and pedalling. As it turned out, this was one of the hardest days cycling I've ever done. A late start, some teetinng troubles with the bike and some really steep hills conspired to make my average speed rather low. I didn't even make it to the Ferry at Falmouth until after 4pm and finally rolled into Par at around 8pm.

I've been amazed and touched at people's generosity today. Complete strangers have been approaching me and donating money to the charities.

As you'll see from my track, once again I forgot to start the GPS running until a mile or so into the ride. Doh!

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DaveM said...

Good luck. I did the ride in 2002, spread it over 2 weeks, staying in Youth hostels. getting through Cornwall is the hardest part of the ride. I look forward to your reports, will you be posting daily?