Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 18 May 28th Tobermory

Day 18 May 28th Tobermory
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Today's Track

Today's picture is of fishing boats tied up in Tobermory harbour at low tide.

It was actually good to get back in the saddle after a couple of days of rest in Fionnphort. Early on the wind was from the west and helped enormously for the first couple of hours. I hooked up with Luc again a couple of times during the ride. He was also heading for Tobermory. As the day wore on and the route became more northerly towards Salen, I ran into strong headwinds again. These coincided with a big climb of course! Still, it stayed dry almost all day and the light was superb at times. The scenary around the west and north sides of Ben More is stunning. Photohraphy ensued.

As a result of the strengthening wind, I abandoned thoughts of taking the long route to Tobermory around the west coast and took the more direct route through Salen itself.

I arrived early into Tobermory. I had a chance to look around and to find the ferry terminal. Alas, the distillary is not open on Sundays. Doh!

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DaveM said...

Following your progress so thanks for all the postings. You have chose an interesting route from Edinburgh what with taking in the islands. Going up the west coast is supposed to be hilly, so good riding, lets hope the wind and rain are not against you.

Do you intend to put all your photos in an online album as I'm sure they would make interesting viewing. Pleased you found a decent pint....that 80 shilling is a real nice beer. All the best. Dave