Thursday, May 18, 2006

May 18th Day 8 Kirkby Lonsdale

May 18th day 8 Kirkby Lonsdale Originally uploaded by rhesus42.
Today's Track Today had the feeling of a 'game of two halves'. The morning mainly involved ploughing along main roads again. At least it was dry and bright. One minor irritation was the discovery the something I thought was a junction turned out to be a flyover. Quite appropriately, the town involved was called Whalley! Once off the main roads, the character of the ride changed entirely. Gone was the challenge of the traffic, to be replaced with a challenge of geography. The ride from Waddington, near Clitheroe, to Slaidburn invoved a climb remeniscent of those on Dartmoor. Today's picture shows the climb towards Slaidburn. Just as I was about to leave Slaidburn, for the even bigger climb over to High Bentham, the first heavy shower of the day arrived. It was heavy and it was of hail. Not long afterwards, there was thunder and an even heavier hail shower. I had to shelter in a hedge! Strong winds and rain showers punctuated the rest of this section. It took a long time.


Jonesey said...

The track URL is wrong, it should be:

DaveM said...

I rember Slaidurn we stayed there after a 100 miler from Chester. The pint in the Horn of Plenty was one really earned after that.
Its fantastic scenery though.
Just seen your whole route a good challenge. Happy cycling.

Rhys Lewis said...

I've updated the track link. Thanks to Jonesey for pointing out the error.