Sunday, May 28, 2006

Day 15 May 25th Fionnphort

Day 15 May 25th Fionnphort
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Today's Track

After the rigours of the last couple of days, today's ride was considerably easier and the weather a lot better.

The ferry crossing from Oban was smooth with some good opportunities for photography. Once on Mull, the limited mileage for today meant that I could take my time and stop fpr photos.

Today's picture is of a stone bridge that carried the old road to Fionnphort.

Oddly enough, progress on Mull was limited by the continuing headwinds but also by the traffic. Most of Mull's roads are single track with passing places. They are so narrow that it is actually difficult to get even a bike past a car. Consequently I had to keep stopping to let traffic past.

The walk from the B&B to the town of Fipnnphort is takes about 15 minutes. I tested this by visiting the local pub. For the first time in Scotland, I've found a decent pint, in this case of McEwan's 80 shilling.

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