Sunday, May 14, 2006

May 14th Day 4: Bristol

May 14th Day 4: Bristol
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There is no track today. Although the GPS worked faultlessly all day, when I came to stop recording, my Axim seemed to have turned itself off :(

For the first time this trip, the day started with an easy cruise across the Somerset Levels from Bridgwater. For the first hour or so, the going was very easy, until the climb up to Wokey Hole before the descent into Wells. The centre of Wells had been taken over by a film crew shooting a new comedy called 'Hot Fuzz'. At least, that's what the marshall keeping people away from key parts of the shoot told me.

Today's picture is of Wells Cathedral, by the way.

From Wells to Bath, there were a number of steep climbs. As I seem to have caught a cold, I decided to alter the route into Bristol and shorten it by a few miles. This got me to my Mum's in time for a hot bath and a great dinner!


DaveM said...

Whats your whole route. When I put the link in for the track all I get is a map of the uk.

Looks like you have some rain today so good luck.

Rhys Lewis said...

For DaveM

Rhys doesn't think that he is able to reply to comments from his mobile phone. I think he has had some trouble uploading his route to the person who is putting it on the blog.

Angela Lewis

DaveM said...

Thanks, its hard enough doing the daily mileage let alone tackling IT issues at the end of the day. Wish him all the best though and I will look forward to his postings