Sunday, May 21, 2006

May 21st Day 11 Edinburgh

May 21st Day 11 Edinburgh
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Today's Track

That's more like it! Dry weather and great scenary went together to make this one of the best day's rides yet.

Today's picture is a view over the Eskdalemuir forest.

After a truly enormous breakfast, I left Eskdalemuir and made good progress up the valley of the White Esk. Although the route climbs steadily the gradients are much easier than those in Devon and Cornwall and average speeds are much higher. I made Innerleithen by lunch time. From their, the route followed the B709 over the hills to Edinburgh. Once again there are significant climbs but at easier gradients. Leaving Innerleithen, the route passes through the local golf course. It is squeezed in to the available space in between steep valley sides. A number of golfers were engaged in mountaineering expeditions to retrieve wayward drives and were playing some very unconventional lies!

After descending on the Edinburgh side of the hills I took a few minutes breather. While stopped in a bus stop, Angela arrived behind me. She had been following the same route on her way up from Winchester and finally caught me up 10 miles of so from our destination.

We went out for dinner, my first since Bristol a week ago. I had my first beer since the night before starting in Land's End.

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DaveM said...

You have to drink beer at the end of a days ride, its one of the quickest ways to get calories back into the system. My excuse anyway.

Do you ever get lonely riding on your own? I know I do, there's nobody to discuss routes and to curse the hills you have just ridden up.

Its an interesting route you have chosen.

Enjoy your rest day.