Sunday, May 07, 2006

Final Preparations

I've spent the weekend making the final preparations. Mainly this has involved printing additional information so that I have it with me on the ride. It's also involved a lot of packing. I took the bike out for a fully laden shake down today. It's carrying a few kilos more than on last week's Randonnee. I just did 16 miles or so to make sure everything was holding together. The new cable I fitted last week had stretched a little, so I needed to do some adjustments while I was out. Also, my pedals had worked slightly loose again and I could feel and hear movement. As a result, I've decided to take the right spanner with me in case that happens again en route.

I've also finally got round to joining the Cyclists Touring Club or CTC. I have to admit that my main motive is not the 3rd party insurance, the local events, or the Land's End to John O'Groats pack, but the lure of being able to buy T shirts and other trinkets once I've finished the end to end ride!

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